Frequently asked questions

Corporate fitness with Urban Sports Club

What makes Urban Sports Club so special?

With just one membership, your employees can take advantage of Germany's most flexible and diverse sports offer. They’ll have access to over 7,000 sports and wellness partners, more than 50 sports on-site and a selection of approximately 14,000 Live Classes per month. Additionally, our members have unlimited access to more than 350 hours of On-demand Classes and Masterclasses. So not only can you support your employees’ health, you can also provide a great corporate benefit for your existing team and attract future talent.

What are the differences between the membership plans and why is M Business the basis?

Different membership plans offer slightly different sports offers, check-in amounts and partner studios. The M Business membership plan is the most popular and most widely used, with a large number of partner locations. Employees can also upgrade to the L Business membership plan (at their own cost) and benefit from additional services and access to our premium partners.

What are the differences between a business membership and a private one?

With a business membership plan, employees benefit from a discounted membership fee, thanks to an employer contribution. We also offer corporate customers additional services, such as comprehensive information on topics like employee health or new work, as well as tips on motivating your employees. With company fitness as a corporate benefit, you not only make a positive contribution to employee health, but also to the employer branding of your company. At the beginning of your corporate fitness cooperation, your company receives individual onboarding and long-term support from our Customer Success Team. You can easily manage the memberships of your employees yourself with the Urban Sports Club business portal. 

How corporate fitness works at Urban Sports Club

What happens after you’ve finalized your corporate fitness cooperation agreement?

After finalizing your cooperation agreement, you’ll receive an email with the most important information about your company's new corporate fitness offer, as well as a link to a dedicated registration page with your company logo. Here, your employees can register for their desired membership plan (M Business or L Business). Using the Urban Sports Club app, employees can then select their desired sport or activity and check in directly with the partner venue – both on-site and online.

How can employees sign up?

After signing the cooperation agreement, your company will receive a link to a dedicated registration page where employees can sign up. On this page, employees can choose between the M Business and L Business memberships and sign up directly.

When can we start offering corporate fitness?

Our cooperation agreements can begin on whatever date your company chooses. As soon as the individual registration page has been set up so that employees can sign up, the offer can begin and all Urban Sports Club services can be used. 

Who is my contact person at Urban Sports Club?

During the first three months of the cooperation, one of our onboarding managers will support you in setting up your new corporate fitness offer. After this onboarding phase, you can contact our Customer Success team at any time with questions.

How can I let my employees know about our new corporate fitness offer?

Once you’ve registered your company, you’ll receive information and marketing materials from our team with all the essential information about your new corporate fitness offer, which you can forward directly to your employees.

If your employees have any questions, they are welcome to visit our Help Center or write to us directly using the contact form.

What happens when an employee quits or starts a new job?

We’ll give you access to our business portal, where you can manage your employee memberships easily. 

If an employee leaves the company, you can terminate their Urban Sports Club membership by entering the date of departure in the business portal. From this point on, the membership will no longer appear on your invoice.

What will the administrative workload be for my HR department?

To inform your employees about the company fitness offer, simply forward them your company's dedicated registration page. All memberships can then be managed via the easy-to-use business portal with minimal effort. If you have any questions, our Customer Success team will be happy to help.

What employee data can my company access?

You can view your employees’ names, (company) email addresses and selected membership and registration period via the business portal. You can also see what status their membership has (active, paused or canceled). However, your company will not be able to see where and when your employees take advantage of the Urban Sports Club offer, as we do not disclose this information for data privacy reasons.

Is it possible to switch from a private membership to a business one?

It is not possible to transfer the membership of your employees. Employees with an existing private membership have the option to cancel their membership 3 days before the end of the current membership month.

How does the change work? 

Employees can easily cancel their existing membership in their membership account via the website. Once the cancellation becomes effective, employees have two options:

  1. a) Re-register via the company's own registration page at the applicable company conditions.
  2. b) Reactivate their membership at the company conditions.
What happens if an employee does not use their membership? Can we terminate it?

That's a shame, of course, but not a reason for termination. The best thing you can do is talk to the employee and convince them to take action. In both our newsletter and on our blog, we regularly inform our members about great new partners and sports topics – so it’s a good idea to share these resources with them to help them get inspired. Alternatively, you can ask your employee to cancel their membership at the next possible opportunity.

When can the collaboration agreement with Urban Sports Club be terminated?

The collaboration duration and notice period can be found in your collaboration agreement. Our agreements usually have a duration of twelve months with a notice period of six weeks.

How can employees cancel their business membership?

Employees can cancel their membership independently via their account. The notice period is three days before the end of the current billing period.

How is Urban Sports Club dealing with COVID-19?

Firstly, we’ve greatly expanded our online offer. We now have a comprehensive selection of online Live Classes, On-demand Classes, and Masterclasses. This means that every member can train flexibly and securely from their home, even during the pandemic. Our partner venues also remain open in compliance with the applicable COVID-19 measures, and many also offer outdoor activities.

Prices and conditions

What are the costs and how are they calculated?

The costs vary individually depending on the agreement. In principle, the company pays a fixed contribution for each registered (non-paused) employee. In most cases, employees also pay a portion of their membership, unless the company opts to cover the entire cost. Employees also have the option of upgrading their M Business membership to L Business in order to receive additional benefits.

Do we have to pay a contribution for all employees?

You’ll only need to pay a contribution for the employees who take out a membership – and whose membership is not currently on pause.

Can employees also pay for the business membership all on their own?

We offer the business membership exclusively for companies and their employees. This means that this type of membership is not available to private individuals. As part of the cooperation, the company always pays part of the costs.

Are the costs tax deductible?

In most cases, a company's cooperation with Urban Sports Club is tax deductible via the monthly tax allowance of 50 euros (gross). Whether the cooperation is tax deductible in your company, however, depends on various factors – for example, whether your tax allowance has already been used for other measures. As a rule, the costs cannot be claimed via workplace health promotion (WHP), as certified prevention courses are generally not included. However, each of our corporate customers is subject to different conditions, for this reason Urban Sports Club cannot offer a more in-depth answer. If you have any questions, please contact a tax professional, as Urban Sports Club cannot provide professional, individual advice on this matter.

What payment options are available?

The invoice amounts can either be transferred monthly or paid by direct debit. For the latter, Urban Sports Club requires an original direct debit mandate to be sent by post.

What is the notice period for both companies and employees?

For companies, the collaboration agreement terms and notice period can be found in the agreement. Our agreements normally have a term of twelve months with a notice period of six weeks.

Employees can cancel their membership independently on a monthly basis via their accounts. The notice period is three days before the end of the current billing period.

Can employees change their membership plan?

Yes, upgrades and downgrades (e.g. changing between M Business to L Business or pausing their memberships) are possible with three days' notice before the end of the current billing period. This gives employees the opportunity to test different membership plans and find the right one for them.

Are there a minimum number of employees who have to register?

Of course we hope that as many employees as possible will take advantage of our flexible sports and wellness offer. However, there is no minimum number of registrations required.

Can I adjust the employer contribution during the twelve-month agreement period?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. After twelve months, the agreement can be terminated subject to the notice period and a new contract can be drawn up.

Can employees use the offer abroad?

From October, employees can also use the offer in Spain, France, Portugal and Belgium with an excess of EUR 19.90/month. Employees can make the change themselves via their profile under "Change tariff" and change it monthly.

Partner venues and online offer

Which partner venues can my employees visit with their memberships?

All partner locations and sports can be filtered by membership plan via our location search. Employees can visit over 6,000 partner locations with their M Business membership, and over 7,000 locations with L Business. Memberships S and XL are only available for private members.

How do I find out which sports are available near our offices?

You can use our location search to directly see all partner venues and sports near the company.

What about employees who don't have any partner venues near their home?

With our diverse online offer, members can get active wherever they are. We also welcome suggestions for new partners in order to continually expand our local offer.

I want to offer my employees access to a specific venue or course. How do I find out if this is part of the Urban Sports Club partner network?

To get this info, you can check out the sports offers in your region here. If your desired partner is not included, you can communicate this to your onboarding manager. We’re working hard to expand our offer even further in the future.

Why do some partners have visit limits?

Some are premium partners or offer exclusive sports. If this is the case, depending on the membership plan, there may be monthly visit limits, which are indicated on the respective partner profile page. Members can see in their account how often they’ve checked in with a partner for the current month.

Can employees train as often as they want?

As part of our business membership plans, each member can check in with a partner once a day – including for our online Live Classes. Depending on the membership plan, visit limits may vary. Visit limits are specified in each partner's profile. There are no monthly limits for our On-demand Classes or our Masterclasses.

Can my company also only use the online offer?

Absolutely. Once they become members, it’s up to the employees which sports they want to take part in. Both the online and the Europe-wide on-site offers are available to all members.